Paulie and Astrid, 1963

Kirchherr, who is 73, gave up photography in the late 1960s, frustrated by the unending requests for her Beatles images. Yet she remains an indelible presence in the mythology of pop. It can be a heavy legacy. “I had a great time sharing my memories, but I’m getting a bit tired of performing,” Kirchherr said. So on Sept. 24 and 25, the New York auction house Guernsey’s will lessen the burden by offering for sale Kirchherr’s entire Beatles-related photographic archive, about 600 lots in all, including her original negatives (along with the rights to their use) and rarely seen images like the ones from Tenerife. (Kirchherr says she believes the image printed on this page might have been taken by Harrison with her camera.) “For me,” Kirchherr said, “they are still my dear friends, not the Beatles.”

Meanwhile, Lennon and Epstein flew to Spain.

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