NPR CRITIC and EMERSON COLLEGE Journalist TIM RILEY reviews pop and classical music for NPR’s HERE AND NOW and ON POINT, and has written for the NEW YORK TIMES, HUFFINGTON POST, SLATE.COM and SALON.COM. He studied piano and English at Oberlin and Eastman.

The New York Times hailed his first book, Tell Me Why: A Beatles Commentary (Knopf/Vintage 1988), for bringing “new insight to the act we’ve known for all these years…” He has since authored Hard Rain: A Dylan Commentary (Knopf/Vintage/Da Capo 1992/2002), Madonna: Illustrated (Hyperion 1992), and Fever: How Rock’n’Roll Transformed Gender (Picador 2005).

Since 1990, Riley has given hundreds of lively multi-media presentations at colleges and cultural centers like New York’s Chautauqua Festival on “Censorship in the Arts,” and “Rock History.” He gave a keynote address at BEATLES 2000, the first international academic conference in Jyvaskyla, Finland, and lectured as Brown University’s Critic-In-Residence in 2008.

In 2009, Emerson College appointed Riley assistant professor of digital journalism. His current projects include the RILEY ROCK, music’s metaportal, blog riley at the prestigious, and a new speech on social media and Wikileaks, “Let Freedom Leak.” Click on “Browse” above for more pages.