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John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band

Section 7: Book Reviews

7.1 Leisurely OvertonesMusic for Pleasure & Art Into Pop by Simon Frith, 1989

7.2 Beyond the GrapevineThe Heart of Rock and Soul by Dave Marsh, 1990

7.3 Daddy’s Farm—Rock Around the Bloc by Timothy Ryback, 1990

7.4 Yoda’s Groove—Music Man by Dorothy Wade and Justine Picardie, 1990

7.5 The Ire Next Time—Tuxedo Junction by Gerald Early, 1990

7.6 Strong-Start Loser—Rolling Stone Magazine by Robert Draper & Dark Star by Ellis Amburn, 1990

7.7 Unhyphenated—Crosstown Traffic by Charles Murray, 1990

7.8 History Doesn’t Wear Plaid—Pop culture book roundup, 1991

7.9 The Poor Man’s Cher and Sundry—Rock book roundup, 1992

7.10 Software Defines Hardware—America on Record by Andre Millard & The Box by Jeff Kisseloff, 1995

7.11 Pop Goes Democracy—The Art of Democracy by Jim Cullen, 1996

7.12 Authors and Prisoners—Castaways of the Image Planet by Geoffrey O’Brien, 2002

7.13 Under Her Chin—The New Biographical Dictionary of Film by David Thomson, 2003

7.14 Dimly, In Flashes—The Whole Equation by David Thomson, 2005

7.15 Expoobident—The One by RJ Smith, 2012

7.16 Mother Teresa on a Spree—Owsley and Me by Rhoney Stanley, 2013

7.17 Profane Deity—Brothas Be, Yo Life George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You? by George Clinton, 2014

7.18 The Matter of PretendingWhy Acting Matters by David Thomson, 2015

7.19 My Enemy’s Keeper—Children of the Stone by Sandy Tolan, 2015

7.20 Sideways Genius—Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock’n’Roll by Peter Guralnick, 2016

7.21 Sophisticated Naivete—I Am Brian Wilson by Brian Wilson, 2017

7.22 The Jimmy Buffet of Winter—Sticky Fingers by Joe Hagan, 2017

7.23 Prophecy and Sinkhole—Just a Shot Away by Saul Austerlitz, 2018

7.24 Meta-Moxie—I Like to Watch by Emily Nussbaum, 2019

7.25 Puppies, Rainbows, and Racism—Country Music: An Illustrated History by Dayton Duncan & Ken Burns, 2019

7.26 Dinosaurs Eating Cars—Cruel to Be Kind by Will Burch, 2019

7.28 The Darwin of the Classics—Hearing Homer’s Song by Robert Kanigel, 2021

Dinosaurs Eating Cars

Los Angeles Review of Books, August 2019


WHEN I FIRST SAW Nick Lowe at a standing-room-only club in Boston in 1990, it felt as though every person in the room had once sold me a used record. Lowe was fronting his Cowboy Outfit, a tightly coiled ensemble that summoned ballast and menace as they worked through the songs on Pinker and Prouder Than Previous (1988), encoring with that album’s shaggy-dog closer, “Big Big Love.” My girlfriend and I soon had that title engraved into the inner band of our wedding rings…