John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
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4.3 Enigmatic Negation
Love and Theft, 2001


Section IV: Dylan

4.1 Excruciating Endgames—Invisible Republic, 1989

4.2 Sitting on Top of the World—Good as I Been to You, 1993

4.3 Enigmatic Negation—Love and Theft, 2001

4.4 Out of Ear’s Reach—Visions of Sin, 2004

4.5 This World Was Lucky—Chronicles, Volume I, 2005

4.6 We Need a Smaller Teacup—Tempest, 2013

4.7 Ain’t Dead Yet—Mermaid Avenue, 2012

4.8 Joke of the Century—Triplicate, 2018

Enigmatic Negation

Love and Theft, WBUR public arts, September 13, 2001

AFTER BOB DYLAN’S live performance and acceptance speech for “Things Have Changed” from New Zealand last year, comedian Steve Martin noted the satellite marvel we had just witnessed: “There’s an 18 hour time difference between here and there, which for Bob is normal.” It got the kind of laugh Dylan has earned over the past couple of decades: nervous titters that traced how big his songs loom in our culture, and just how phoned in his recordings have sounded since he Bible-thumped his way into the late ’70s.”