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November 28, 2021, 8pm, on Twitter @timrileyauthor 


Join Tim for a conversation about Peter Jackson’s Get Back Documentary (on Disney+ Nov 25-27)

Join Beatles author and NPR critic Tim Riley for questions, context, and Beatles insights in a Twitter Space-cast chat on Sunday, Nov. 28 at 8pm EST following Peter Jackson’s Get Back documentary (airing Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 25-27).

Apple’s PR headline aims at revisionist history: “These sessions weren’t so bad, they actually had fun!” But how will Beatles historians react? What revelations will Get Back deliver? Will it inflect the way we hear these Let It Be tracks, and Abbey Road? Does it change your assumptions about the breakup?

Jackson has cut rehearsal footage from January, 1969, that nobody has ever seen before (although we know a lot of the music from bootlegs). Alongside the deluxe Let It Be box and book, and Paul McCartney’s Lyrics: 1956-Present, Get Back counts as the biggest update in the Beatles’ story since 1995’s Anthology.

Bring your questions and favorite moments to join in…

Sunday, Nov 28, 8pm EST (relaunch imminent)

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November 13, 2021

In January 1969, the Beatles gave unprecedented access to a film crew directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg for a project that became Let It Be in 1970. Peter Jackson has recently assembled a new documentary of this material called Get Back.

Beatles Books Podcast 


October 8, 2021

From Beatles Books: “My guest for this episode is Tim Riley, who joins me to discuss his 1988 book ‘Tell Me Why’. Tim’s book was one of the first to really examine and tackle The Beatles music – and it’s fascinating to hear how his book was created – what he feels now about The Beatles music and how views and opinions have changed from the writing of the first edition.”

I’ve Got a Beatles Podcast 


Ep. 151, February 19, 2021

From I’ve Got a Beatles Podcast: “In this episode, Dave interviews author and critic Tim Riley, who is best known for his books on the Beatles (Tell Me Why) and John Lennon, as well as his new Beatles textbook co-authored with music theorist Walter Everett. You will hear about each of Riley’s books, including the new text, as well as his thoughts on other areas of interest for Beatles scholarship. Enjoy!”