Bluetooth and HiFi: where style meets plastic

Gadget porn for the over-stimulated, brand tips for wise choices. The flood of new product ensures that while we rarely run out of gab, while never up to date. Click, burn, and squander.

Trulli Jam5

Solid, roomy, clear and bouncy, with a groovy stand and leather handle. Rivals anything out there. 

Como Audio

Combines sleek cabinet with multiple and variegated inputs, from wifi and Ethernet to optical

UE Hyperboom

Replaces your KLH bookshelf units with elan. Clean, sturdy, bold. 

Riva Stadium

You can’t find much better “natural” sound than Riva’s Arena or Festival units, which sound much bigger than their size and can fool you with their patented Trillium sound. Unfortunately, these have suddenly gone unsupported…


Reliably fullsome and preternaturally satisfying, UE just keeps improving on a balanced formula. Even the softball-sized Wonderboom has its charm. Deserved industry leader.

Pluto 2 Phono Preamp

Exhaustively quiet

Vanatoo Transparent Zeros

Limitless connections, bold sound. No other desktop units compete.

Memory Mic

Stupid fidelity, smooth UI, thought-free protocol.

Kali IN-8 3-Way Monitor

Let it blurt: crystalline detail, fierce, punchy bass, acres of wide open space.

Earbuds, Headphones, and the Meaning of Life

Lots to choose from, with comfort often trumping range and dynamics: headsets you can dance with. Why get all pervy about fidelity when you can run fast and loose with the groove? Click, peel, and swerve.

Fiio Bluetooth Receiver Mini-Plug

Makes any headset portable

UE Fits

Everybody has unusual ear canals, these conform right into those wayward tunnels for everyday isolation and convenience. What it lacks in heft if repays in ease of use.

Back Bay AE40

Readymade solution,
pearly sound

Bluewave Get

Wireless hifi amp

Dragonfly Cobalt

Portable headphone amp

Spectra X

Portable headphone amp