Bluewave Get
wireless hifi amp

The James Bond look for superior DAC sound, turns any mini-plug cans into wireless, ultra convenience and endless battery. The whole earbud racket stinks of uniformity, especially egregious when considering a zillion variables in ear canal anatomies. Many larger earbuds (Jabra, M&D) simply don’t sit in my ear well or provide enough seal. Better to convert existing Etyphonics with Fiio, or seek out smaller pieces (Monster Beats).

Dragonfly Cobalt portable headphone amp
Back Bay AE40
Readymade solution,
pearly sound
Anker Soundbuds Slim+
Here comes a regular
Fiio bluetooth receiver (mini-plug)
makes any headset portable
Spectra X portable headphone amp
Breakthrough design, 3D sound, ultimate depth
Master & Dynamic
Design ideal, noise cancelling, rugged
Jabra Elite Sport
big sound, clunky fit