Como Audio, descendant of Cambridge Soundworks, combines sleek cabinet with multiple and variegated inputs, from wifi and Ethernet to optical. An unwieldy interface hooks you up to Internet Radio, an infinite number of channels, and the fidelity gets more and more rewarding. The Riva speakers include spotify connect, so you can start playing and close your app while music continues. And the big, hefty sound makes you forget you’re listening to stereo through a single unit. It makes the kitchen feel huge.
Riva stadium, wifi/bt
WBUR bluetooth roundup
Vanatoo: Transparent Zeros
limitless connections, bold sound; no other desktop units compete
Kali’s IN-8 3-way monitors
let it blurt: crystalline detail, fierce, punchy bass, acres of wide open space…
u-turn pluto phono amp
exhaustively quiet
Sennheiser Memory Mic
Stupid fidelity, smooth UI, thought-free protocol