Sample Boss Chapter Titles

When the publisher announced Bruce Springsteen’s memoirs back in 2016, this early leak of chapter titles made the rounds…

Human Town
Lucky Touch
Hear Those Tires SQUEAL
Chuck Berry Stole All My Riffs (So I Stole Some Song Titles)
Prince Almost Stole My Mojo
Hitchhiking to We Are the World
Leftover Songs for Breakfast
Car Parts Make Great Metaphors
My Mom Called Me the Human Amphetamine
No Drugs Please We’re Songcraft Geeks
Chris Christie Suspended His Campaign For Our Sins
Car Thieves Make Better Lovers
My Memoir Narrative Straight Literal Narrative (To Make Dylan’s Read Even Weirder!)
Don’t Towel-Whip Me Baby Your Hair’s on Fire
Can a Bitch Get a Donut?
Outtakes To Infinity (Its Own Galaxy)
That’s Doctor Frankenstein To You, Dave Marsh
Drop-Kick My Carburetor, Baby (Through the Greasy Diners of Working Class Fatalism)
Does Baby Bruce Dream of Vietnam Electric PTSD?
Mary Was a Two-Timer But She Threw Great Parties (with Bad Songs)
Don’t Let the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame Get Hold Of Your Diary Blues
Bono Has BO (Edge the Sweetie Fingers)
Duets Don’t Equal Endorsement (MTV prenups with Ethridge, Branigan, et al, aka What’s Prince Doing with Sheena Easton?)
Patti Left Her Inhaler in the Car
All My Early Songs Work as Metaphors for High School Nickname: “Late Bloomer”
Too Bad About John Hammond Sr.’s Boy
Prince’s Hair vs My Late-Career Earrings: a Tautological Debate
Insert Dangling Catfish Here
The Promised Land At Suzy’s Lunch
Plugging Presley’s Dream All Through the Tired Loserville Nights
Those Shoes I Bought You Suck
She’s Not the One After All
(Oops My Bad) My ID’s in My Other Wallet Back Home In My Other Workingman’s Pants
You Like It Up Front But I Left it All Behind
None But the Chiropractic
Unreleased Refinery Operas (deluxe brick sets)
It Ain’t Over Til Lenny Kravitz Goes Jennifer Lawrence Co-Star And Has Children Earning Top Billing Over Tilda Swinton
My Son Jack the Fireman (Left My Keys in Freehold)
Rock Stardom Was Just a Backup Plan (After Failing at Rock Criticism)…