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Aretha Franklin

2018 Obituaries
Roy Clark
Geoff Emerick
Charles Aznavour
Hardy Fox
Roy Hargrave
Aretha Franklin
Danny Kirwan
Otis Rush
Mac Miller
John Perry Barlow
Laurie Collins
Pete Shelley
Jabo Starks
Cecil Taylor
Mark E. Smith
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“Overseas, it gets weirder…” Bill Wyman on Bob Dylan’s Never-Ending Tour

Medium still message, world keeps turning: Streambait Pop (Liz Pelly) and algorithmic culture (Cherie Hu)

“You’re not pretending to be something you’re not…” Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks, 1966-2018

“Holy shit, human beings are fucking miracles!… really majestic animals…” Neko Case talks to tapeop.com about WOMANPRODUCER

“…I didn’t want to make it look like an an uphill trek,” Tina Weymouth tells Carrie Courogen in Paper

Tina Weymouth

New vistas in pretentious twaddle: comedian Lenny Kravitz shills Dom Perignon…

Vince Gill Redeems the Eagles

“The normalization of holograms might actually hurt the dead celeb industry…”

Tina Turner’s bookstand: “Jackie Kennedy is my role model…”

Saul Steinberg

“He’s playing squash without a ball,” Nicholas Baker on Saul Steinberg  (NYRB) in the NYT Book Review

“…A lot of the smartest stuff [writing on music] is done by journalists…” Robert Christgau to Greil Marcus in Rolling Stone


Altamont has ripened into its own conundrum, both as history and cliché, prophecy and sinkhole…

Evelyn McDonnell on Turner’s new memoir