The Get Back Perplex

A zoom lecture on the Beatles breakup, and what’s missing from Peter Jackson’s film
January 18, 2022


When Dick James appears to talk about new songs he’s added to his publishing catalog, what goes unspoken? What happens just three months later when James sells his stock without any advance notice to Lennon and McCartney?

And how does the remainder of 1969 play out the breakup in ways this footage can’t explain?

This presentation provides a surrounding context that gives a different flavor to much of this footage…

Music Happens Here: NYC

Spotify documentary the city’s musical landmarks. Cue: 31.43
November, 2018

John Lennon: It Happened Here

Reelz documentary about the Dakota, New York City life, and December 8, 1980. See trailer here. IMDB listing

November, 2018

Morning Joe

In the before times, sitting next to the Rev Al Sharpton, who told me James Brown cut off communication with John Lennon has he posed nude with Yoko Ono.
October 15, 2011

10 Days That Changed America

History Channel’s documentary, ELVIS PRESLEY ON THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW 1956.
April, 2006

Nowhere Boy

October, 2010

Riley talks about the premiere of the John Lennon film Nowhere Boy at Emerson College’s Bright Screening Room.

Gibson’s Book at Red River

John Lennon biography interview with NHPR’s Rebecca Lavoie
November 9, 2011


Gibson’s bookstore (Concord, New Hampshire) collaborated with Red River Theatres and the Currier Museum of Art to present an evening with author and Beatles scholar Tim Riley, discussing his book, LENNON: THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE MUSIC– THE DEFINITIVE LIFE. NOTE: The video starts a minute or so into the discussion and ends before Q & A finished, due to a low battery.  

Journey through America’s 20th century: the world of music

Idaho Public Television cultural roundtable
March 22, 2000

A long-lost discussion of pop music history, resurfaced in 2018. Now a cult item.

Listening Guides

Videos with annotated layers highlighting musical, writing, arrangement and production details discussed in Tim Riley and Walter Everett's book What Goes On: The Beatles, Their Music, and Their Time (Oxford, 2019)


These timelines sync directly to 20 Beatles tracks, mapping the five categories outlined in What Goes On: performance, material, arrangement, production, and concept. Watch the first video in each playlist for detailed instructions: simply follow the countdown clock at the beginning to sync up your player. Several teaching goals coalesce here: an easy-to-use format where students can do detailed listening at their own speed to develop paper ideas. A count-down clock at the start helps synchronize with a CD or streaming player, and comprehensive production notes alert the elaborate technical matters concerning production. For copyright purposes, these videos contain NO audio. Use Apple, Spotify, or another streaming platform to sync tracks with videos.


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