Roll Over Beethoven: A Rock Critic’s Guide to Classical

Boleros: Walsh, Beck, ELP

When Joe Walsh launches into his solo, he quotes extensively from Maurice Ravel's Bolero, a modernist staple. Compare the 1972 recording with the original orchestration, and where classical allusions transcend pretense. Click this module for youtube video if the trio doing this number live in France, Ravel quote at 14.48.

Prog Rock Wormholes

Featuring: Yes, “Every Little Thing,” 1969; “America,” 1969; “Roundabout,” “Cans and Brahms,” “We Have Heaven,” 1972; Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and Brahms First Symphony (Mackerras); Carlos Santana with Dave Matthews, “Love of My Life,” 2002

Mussorgsky, ELP, and Sound Paintings

Featuring: ELP, Mussorgsky’s Pictures at An Exhibition, Bartok’s Allegro Barbaro, and Copland’s Appalachian Spring.

When Chopin & Rachmaninoff Buoyed 70s Pop

Chopin and Rachmaninoff steer pop Barry Manilow and Eric Carmen hits from the 1970s, as the King outsells both.

Hillbilly Bach

Mandolin savant Chris Thile performs Bach violin Sonatas and Partitas on a level beyond most fiddlers, and he’s no slouch at back-country yawping.

Bach from the Beatles, Paul Simon, and Francois Glorieux

Baroque Beatles Book, Bach Chorale from St. Matthew Passion, Paul Simon’s “America” and “American Tune,” and Francois Glorieux

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